Episode 007 – Young Farfetch’d Rides Again


Well folks! We definitely didn’t get the next episode sooner! Herein, we discuss three rounds of news, a demo, the leak of the entire game’s files and also Lickitung’s ball handling. Pokémon Sun and Moon are imminent!

  • Answering a bunch of age-old questions like “will they reveal the starter evolutions” and “What is the NX?!” several weeks late, fuck, sorry
  • Aury vapes through Matt’s entire rapid-fire Pokémon Go update
  • Matt rants about Nintendo’s terrible accounts system again
  • Buy a 3DS if you haven’t yet, they’re going on $AAAAALE!
  • Our Pokémon hopes for the Switch (which we keep calling NX)
  • Them jingle!
  • We finally just respond to a question entirely with a Simpsons reference
  • Talonflame gets what is coming to it!
  • Put Dark Void in the toilet!
  • Buzzwole is the beefy friend we need in these trying times
  • Machamp cranking hog: part one of 19
  • Red and Blue are literally married and on their honeymoon
  • We run through every possible basketball meme in a quest to defeat the 95-96 Chicago Bulls

Clarifications/Corrections (The Smogon Research thread seems to indicate…):

  • Receiver indeed only inherit’s a fainted ally’s ability
  • Parental Bond apparently still activates secondary move effects
  • The Attack boost for Farfetch’d is 65 to 90, so its new Attack power with Stick actually dwarfs a Medicham with Pure Power considerably
  • No accuracy change to Swagger


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