001 – The Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens (8.4)


Tuning Fork is a show about music and the Pitchfork Media hype machine. David and Matt, and sometimes guests, will dive into an album that Pitchfork loved or hated, go through the review, listen to the album, and decide whether or not they agree with the ‘fork on this one.

This week’s album is The Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens, well-known as a departure from his established style of acoustic allegorical indie pop. Our guest is Stephanie from City Girls Make Do.

000 – An Exercise in Podcast Hubris (Rules and Regulations)


It all begins here. Michelle Arf and Derek Godin of Dim the House Lights have decided to take on the Herculean task of plugging the Internet Movie Database’s Top 250 films (plus six wild cards) into a single elimination bracket and finding out which one is the real middlebrow champion. In this inaugural episode, they lay out the rules of the tournament, talk about the eccentricities of the list itself, and parse their own biases.

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001 – Noisespace.net! “It’s Dot XYZ!”


Welcome aboard the USS HomestarRErunner! We’re your captains Evan and David! In this first episode, we discuss the “First time here?” and character videos and give an of introduction to the characters. Also: early internet culture, Homestar’s continuing influence and weird Quiznos’ commercials.

Warning: Because this discussion covers the characters it also includes some of the problematic elements of some of them, and while there is no specific discussion of triggering subject matter a general CW for mentions of sexual predation and racism is still present.

001 – Satanist Toddlers


Hello and welcome to the inaugural episode of your new favorite leftist politics podcast with a rotating cast of internet SJWs, Henry Kissinger Is Pokemon Going to Die! It’s not a threat, just a fact. Don’t worry, we’ll be constantly reassuring you of that at all times, because we don’t want to go to prison. For our first episode we’re mostly talking about predictions for 2018, how Doug Jones has no spine, and how all Republicans are absolutely, definitely lizard people. Please let us be on iTunes.

Featuring Luna, Sam, Patrick, and Lauren

Music used:

The Taxpayers – Evil Men
LuigiBlood – Fuck Bees


Episode 1: Brendavision!


Welcome to the first episode of the first podcast about the first TV show: The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Today we talk about S01E01, “Falling In Love”, and meet our new best friends and our new worst enemies in this garbage teen drama. Is our hero Amy Juergens really pregnant, or does she just have an exotic disease? What happened to Molly Ringwald’s career? Do Ben’s two best friends have names? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more, here on the podcast that is unfortunately called Juergen’ It even though I specifically said it wouldn’t be.

Sam – https://twitter.com/posistress
Jordan – https://twitter.com/BradypusRex

001 – MATTI


thank you all for listening to the very first episode of the podcast. <3 in this episode, matti and I discuss our feelings, brand vibes, experiencing a whole new reality for the first time, childhood, social justice, art school, music, graphic design, post-sec, techno-culture, english lit, the art/design dichotomy, not taking criticism personally, and more.