88: Hypebeast Bible & Our First Twitch Stream!


Look at us now Ma, we’re streamers! For our very first Twitch stream we covered the gamut of autumn with a quaint fall activity, a dark movie, and a brutal television show. We’re also covering new video games coming out this fall and holiday season! We’re ProJared now.

Topics Include: Nike Jesus Shoes, Apple Picking, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Genndy Tarakovsky’s Primal, El Camino

85: Apple Guy from Apple Jacks & Cancelled Snacks!


The main takeaway from this episode is that Sean cried during the movie Hustlers. We’re also discussing streaming services, from HBO Max to Disney+, and snacks from our childhood discontinued in their prime. Also, prime cereal mascot discussion per usual.

TOPICS: Danny Brown, Hustlers, One Punch Man, Negativland, The Cave, Tom Delonge

84: Vidya Games & The Youtubes We Love!


Tyler is in Podcast Jail.  Meys is out of Control.  Seans watching video game essays. Will is playing a job simulator.  Can the boys overcome these odds??  Find out on this exciting installment of the #1 podcast on Latvian iTunes, RadIsh!

Topics: Beach cocaine, Control, Jacob Geller, Papers Please, and Youtubers we think are Rad

83: Sully & The Year 2009!


We really should have made episode 88 the time travel episode….

WELL hindsight is 20/20!  Get ready to revisit show and tells from days of yore (2009) as we look back on what our show and tells WOULD be if we were podcasting 10 years ago.

Also we pick a Dragon*Con costume for Tyler, listen to psych rock, and start circling back to co-sign our co-hosts’ recommendations.


TOPICS: Cheese Heist, Infest the Rat’s Nest, Mindhunter, Demon Slayer, 2009 Show n’ Tells

82: TV Head & McConaughey’s Boat!


RadIsh is the ONLY podcast equipped to discuss the mysterious TV-headed cryptid haunting suburban Virginia so strap in for spooky good times.  Also Sean has completely repressed the memory of Rick Moranis.  Will he recover him from the recesses of his brain?  Will anything else surface??  Find out on this week’s amazing adventures of RadIsh!


TOPICS: TV-Head, “Titanium 2 Step” by Battles, Konosuba, The Boys, Julio Torres, BH90210, Serenity



81: John Madden & Viral History!


This week the RadIsh boys are sharing their viral histories… Internet viral histories that is. Rest assured, to be a host on this podcast we scour each host’s medical history for any sort of funny business. Also, is Danny Brown enough to redeem Viceland? How many anime recommendations are too many? Is the Fast and the Furious franchise best movie a spinoff? All the answers, plus a first hand review of Fire Emblem: Three Houses this week on RadIsh!

Topics Include: John Madden, PILE, Danny’s House, Astra Lost in Space, Fire Force, Hobbs & Shaw, Fire Emblem: Three Houses

80: Tidal Waves & The Mids!


Woah! We’re halfway there! We have made it, against all odds, halfway through 2019 and now it’s time to take inventory on The Best Stuff so far! What is getting your one (1) mid-year raddie? Also this week, our first ever tag-team show and tell, the best worst thing that can happen in a wave pool, and the one (1) good youtube channel

Topics: China Wavepool Tidal Wave, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, RWBY, Scott the Woz, & The Mid-year Raddies