026 – The Fuck Modifier


We’re back with another new episode, this time featuring the wonderful Sara (aka Cheesa Tonkas)! While we do get pretty derailed, we also manage to talk about our episode of the week, which is season 2 episode 14: The Fuck Buddy. We sadly have to deal with Skipper one last time, and it’s possibly his most insufferable appearance yet. Good thing Dennis Duffy is also here to bore us to tears while Miranda’s boyfriend of the week makes us :mood: emoji.

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Episode 69: Do You Know Sports?


Good news, sort of! It’s S03E23, “Round II”, and it’s not a merciless onslaught of negativity like the last episode! Are any of these Nice scenes earned? No, not really, but at least this episode doesn’t kill you when you watch it – despite Ashley’s best efforts! This week, the Brenda Hampton Apology Tour is coming to take you away. Thanks, Henry!

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051 – Donald’s Declassifed Government Survival Guide


The podcast’s transfeminine trifecta delivers you the week’s news in a delicious, patriotic, presidential American Cheese and Canadian Bacon hamberder-style sandwich. We’re three weeks into 2019 and I just checked my watch: it looks like we’re having a normal one! Thanks for listening to Henry Kissinger Is Pokémon GOing To Die!

Featuring: Sara, Eden, alex leafcrunch
Edited by alex leafcrunch. Yes I get to put my twitter in twice.

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
Mad About Me – Figrin D’an

Episode Forty-Six: Okay, I’m Going To Do A Naruto

Just because someone is absolutely one hundred percent guaranteed by the stars to kill one of your co-hosts is no reason not to stan. It’s a Cassie book, which means a lot of fumbling through trying to process the philosophical core of the Animorphs series. Also, eels! Join three people who have grown so ancient & wizened that they can no longer handle your standard iced tea to discuss this sweet treat of a book, number 29, The Sickness. Ooh ah ah ah.
In addition to moral complexity of alien species, we discuss: No Jokes 2K19, Licensed Fast Food Toys, and A Homestuck Tangent

075 – now that’s a stylish fall


this week we think outside the island for Season 1, Episode 9, titled Solitary. we learn about Sayid’s time working as a torturer and falling in love. meanwhile in the present, Sayid makes a friend and Hurley starts a club. meanwhile we catch up on Maritimes Sports Gossip, think about JJ’s twisted mindscape, and reinvent everyone’s favourite awards show ONCE and for ALL.

007 – Our Boy, the Asshole (Round 1, Round 7)


Derek and Michelle are back in town and ready to send two more movies to the second round. This time around, our intrepid hosts consider two of the best close-up movies of all time, a no-frills war picture from the 50s, and a movie that, frankly, shouldn’t even be on this list. Also, Michelle keeps her “mention Come and See” streak alive and Derek makes several embarrassing admissions regarding the classic movies he hasn’t seen yet.

This week’s matchups:
Once Upon a Time in America v. In the Name of the Father
Paths of Glory v. The Passion of Joan of Arc

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Episode 68: Dated Heating Moment


What is there to say this week? It’s S03E22, “Loose Lips”, and we’ve got a new Worst Episode So Far. We’re joined by friend of the show Val to talk about, surprise, Ben being awful! This week, we’re sorry we brought a guest into this. As always, we wish you love, peace, and SOUL TRAIN!

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050 – The Purge 6: Joshua Tree


Bezos is filing for divorce? Folks, he should be filing his taxes! Join Sam, Patrick, Sara and Josh as they discuss the bipartisan agreement to be weird about AOC, the President saying “build my own wall or get poisoned, no government this year.” (paraphrased), and more as 2019 continues to shape up as a normal one. Fuck! We didn’t make a joke about “Josh”ua Tree.

Featuring Sam, Patrick, Sara, Josh.
Edited by alex leafcrunch.

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name

003 – Flood (1990)


Why is the world in love again? Because Matt and Trevor are back for an episode of Giants Confirmed that’s more illuminating than a canary-shaped nightlight! This time, the boys sit down to talk about estranged brothers, the capitalist myth of overpopulation, and of course, They Might Be Giants’ third album and major label debut, Flood. Strap on your prosthetic forehead and come on inside!