EPISODE 121: Winchester: The House That Ghost Built


Sara has her fingers in many devious soups, so cohost-from-another-podcast Satah has stepped in with Blair to talk about this movie that is nearly as inscrutable as the house it’s based off of! Explore this house disappointingly vacant of any kind of actual atmosphere are we discuss topics such as The Podcast That Pink Lemonade Vodka Built, Dr. Deadwifeman, Poison Marketing, Absolute Champion Hellen Mirren, and MORE!

Thank you as always to Satah for our intro an outro music! You can find more of their work at http://gaygothvibes.online!

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017 – Cucking the Dead Wife


Your favourite City Girls are back to emasculate men for another week, even if Stephanie’s audio is a bit messed up. This time we’re talking about season 2 episode 5: Four Women and a Funeral. The gals are confronted with death, but we’re more interested in talking about eyeliner on men (and every gender, really). Enjoy this episode while you’re still alive!

010 – TWAFS: Sodium Bad at Being Good


This week on My Podcabbages, Summer and Noah introduce the first episode of a new format, Tea with A Fascinating Stranger. Fascinating Stranger Stephanie spills the tea on goth girlfriends and positive influences, and then personally escorts Summer and Noah to the gates of oblivion with a Toph-ully difficult game of 20 questions. It was truly a delight!

This episode contains spoilers for late episodes throughout!

Music by Noah.
Art by Summer.

044 – List of Good Shapes


In arguably our least prepared episode yet, your friends at HKIPGTD try to bring a little bit of levity as they juggle it alongside yet another week of horrendous news that came down the pipeline! We also talk Jacob Wohl’s corn cob troubles, get to the bottom of whether or not Master Chief’s suit jerks him off, and finally take a hard stance on soda drinking. Plus: who will Bernie main in Smash?

Featuring Sam and Josh. Edited by Sara.

Music used:
The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Ludacris – Stand Up (feat. Shawna)

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070 – looming a blanket for your entire life


hello there. on Season 6, Episode 15, titled Across The Sea, we learn all about Jacob, and his nameless brother. one wears white and the other wears black. they were raised by Academy Award Winner Allison Janney, and dug a well sometimes. they saw a light in a cave and said “looks neat to me!” god is it ever a boring episode of television. we do our best but but it doesn’t take us long to bring out some fun new characters that everyone is surely going to love.

hey, as we mention at the end of this episode, we’ll be taking the rest of november off! we’ll be back fresh and full in december to tackle what’s left of lost. thanks for sticking around!

EPISODE 120: House of Wax (2005)


This week, hosts Blair and Sara give up on pretending not to actually be a Final Destination podcast as they’re joined by We Hate Movies’s own Chris Cabin to sorta get down to business as we talk about House of Wax (2005)! Come and join us as Blair loses his mind over wax physics, someone finally understands who the hell Sara is talking about, and a polite platter of meat and cheese is enjoyed by all in this fat, juicy hog of a closer to this years Schlocktober. Thank you all for fusing with the Schlocktober in your mind-prisms and welcoming in the new flesh, etc.!

Extra special from the bottom of our hearts thanks to Satah for composing our wonderful special intro and outro music for this spooktacular season. We love them the most, no one will ever compare, the rest of you can all give up now and check out more of their work at http://gaygothvibes.online !!

016 – Drunk History: The Carrie Diaries


Welcome back to your favourite Mormon soap opera podcast, where you know we had to do it do it do it do it do it to them! This week we’re talking about season 2 episode 4 of Sex and the City: They Shoot Single People, Don’t They? We also share our comprehensive knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Stephanie flexes on Christians for not facing repercussions for her sins, and the gals in the show are all faking it in one way or another. Hail Satan and bust a nut!

Episode 58: A Man Cucked


Hello, Noisespace! We’re here on our new network to talk about S03E12, “Sweet and Sour” – a bad one, believe it or not! We get three entire Ken Fields scenes in this one, and none of them are good! Careful what you wish for, I guess. AAAAHHH!!! Sorry, I just remembered it’s basically Halloween and I got scared. This week, the Canning brothers guess each other’s birthdays. Don’t forget to wear your secret caps!

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