Fantastic Satisfaction: Finale


Hey, it’s Dungeons and Dragons! Your favorite group of idiots have reunited one final time to take down the ancient evil. We may not have remembered a single rule of 5e but that’s not gonna stop us from taking down a big monster. Rudo is double-champion. Kimulo does a back bend. Ralmevik has taken up a life of asceticism.

The players are:

Eddy – Dungeon Master

Producer Kim – Kimulo Nimbus, Aasimar Ranger

Brooks – Rudo Cherrywine, Human Monk

Ryno – Ralmevik Chergoba, Human Sorcerer

025 – Don Draper’s Weave


Hewwo?? Hewwooo????? Ya girls are back??? It’s 2019 (more like twenty whine-teen for us) and people (especially Miranda) are making choices! In our first episode of the year we’re discussing season 2 episode 13: Games People Play. It sure is a filler episode! This week Carrie has a lot of hot takes on therapy and mental health, and it’s just what we needed after a few weeks of holiday. In other news, we need to go to therapy because of the state of Carrie’s cuffed jeans. Shoutout to our sponsor!

Episode 67: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V


Welcome to 2019! For our first Juerg of the year, we’re watching S03E21, “Young at Heart”! And folks, when the title is relevant to the episode, you know it’s gonna be a bad one! Some very questionable relationships on display here but wait actually never mind Brenda says it’s good, actually. What a relief! Could’ve sworn that was illegal but I guess not. This week, we’re seeing Sexmother live in concert. Don’t Bing it!

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Episode Forty-Five: Wait. You Guys. Andalite Vampires Would Kick You


A heart-wrenching book about animal experimentation and factory farming somehow results in an episode that gets randy’n’rowdy by the middle of the intro. Don’t ask us how, but the energy just goes up from there. It’s Animorphs book 28, The Experiment, and we’re asking the tough questions: what if literally no-one can read???

In addition to having perhaps too-high expectations of the philosophical centre of a children’s book, we discuss: We Don’t Know The Upper Bounds Of How Many Hands Visser 3 Has, One Single Framed Photo Of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, Selfish Extreme Home Makeover Host, Desperate Housewives Is Actually Good, Riverdale Tangent

Referenced media: Fluffy Ax drawing, little brown bird!!!, the history of traffic lights

HKIPGTD State Of The Union 2019


A thankaroo from us to you. It’s been a really great experience to do this show for a year and so we put something together to say “Thamk Yuo”

While you’re here let me also extend my (patrick) and our (assorted non-patrick) thanks to:
Sara, for getting us all off our asses to actually get the show going
Sam, for doing so much of the heavy lifting re:editing in the beginning and also in the now
Matt, for giving our show a place to call home
Brooks and Eddy for providing the wonderful community that brought us all together (crank naysh represent!)
All of my wonderful cohosts for being so cool and fun to talk to and make a show with
And me, for [fill this in when you think of how not to be a dick about it]

Music used:
The Taxpayers – Evil Men

006 – The Place Where They Have Boats (Round 1, Part 6)


Who’s ready to get deeply uncomfortable? What do the Bracket Gods have in store for us this time. Well, uh, cringe-inducing drama, the spectre of the Confederacy, and 21st century terror! Yeah, baby! But the movies are pretty good, and the breakdowns are too. Also Derek forgets the word “harbour,” so that’s pretty funny.

One note from the fact-checking desk: the disaster that 9/11 was a stand-in for in the Indian films mentioned was the 2008 26/11 Mumbai attacks, not the 2006 Mumbai train bombs as said by Michelle.

This week’s matchups:
The Hunt v. The General
Spirited Away v. A Wednesday

Holy moly, we have show notes!

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EPISODE 127: Train to Busan


We’re back! And we’re here to tackle one of Sara’s favorite takes on zombies, with Yeon Sang-Ho’s Train to Busan! With Y’all like Depeche Mode? Reach out and click faith? Is that anything? Hope so!

We also discussed Downloadable Jesus, Zombies Make You Cry, Sense8 Petitions, and Press X to Kiss Your Wife!

Cells at Work
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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BONUS EPISODE: Setting the Record Queerk, with Alexis and Kaylee!


On this week’s episode of Setting the Record Queer, I sat down w- wait, no, that’s not quite right. Join Sara as she engages in a crossover event with the hosts of Setting the Record Queer! Join us as we watch Not My Problem, defend the prequels, and find out just how much the average person knows about Animorphs! Spoiler: it’s really not that much.

Thank you so much to Alexis (@princessproto) and Kaylee (@witchs_hex) for coming on the show! To find their show, please check out!

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Episode 66: Ben Boink-a-Binch


Hey, teens! It’s S03E20, “Moving In and Out”, and we’re getting to the bottom of things this week. Whose show is this? Who’s writing what? Who’s in charge of the music? Join us as we dive deeper into the production rabbit hole than ever before, which is still not very deep but it’s still deeper than ever before. It’s a new era of Juergen’ It: the era where we check who writes each episode! This week, it’s Paul’s world and we’re just living in it. See you next week, Brenda!

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(Check our YouTube channel for a clip of the blatant retcon in the Previously On!)