Episode 002 – Groudon Groudon Everywhere


The second episode is up a solid 5 days after we recorded it. It’s a bit out of date! Bear with us, we’ll talk about yesterday’s revealed Pokémon soon.

  • We discuss another set of new Pokémon
  • Matt really likes the move Drill run, guys
  • Aury continues to bitch about the competitive scene
  • We discuss some of our favourite Fakemon, linked below
  • Matt does his entire Pokémon Shuffle segment but forgot to record it so it’s missing but I swear to god I will murder Genius Sonority
  • What is the Brexit Pokémon?

Matt’s referenced Fakemon are Battrus and Claustic by JoshKH92, while Aury goes to bat for Smogon CAP’s Syclant.

Also as promised, an EV Training Guide and a DexNav Guide.

We’ll be back again soon to discuss the flood of Pokémon from Friday, and to talk about how we feel about the various side-games.

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