EPISODE FIFTEEN: Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (AKA Flesh for Frankenstein)


Hoo boy! This was one hell of an experience. Blair and Luna are joined by friend of the show Ziek to watch Andy Warhol’s 1974 “horror” “parody” Flesh for Frankenstein. It’s very bad and we all hated it.

Also discussed: Marvin Gaye impressions, how to cooking, the struggles of being an audio-only medium, a gratuitous amount of sex scenes, Flesh for Frankenstein vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion, Five Hundred Titties, and just how much DOES Luna know about choking?


  • Ghost Trick
  • Friends at the Table: COUNTER/Weight
  • A really good grilled cheese sandwich

Ziek can be found at zeekubeast on twitter and tumblr!

Intro and outro music courtesy of Visager.