Episode 006 – The Devil Went Down To Gamestop


Welcome back! Elite Full Restore returns after an awkwardly long absence fuelled by poor planning.  We are joined this time by Patrick Scarborough (@RiotScarizard) for part of our episode to talk nonsense as usual. New news is TOMORROW so hopefully we’ll get the next episode out sooner!

  • We love garbage and being garbage and broadcasting garbage
  • A million dogs shitpost in the desert
  • Aury buys a Metallica album in a Monster Rancher Quest
  • Patrick asks for a gorilla, we give him an Oranguru (biologists hate them!)
  • We discuss community-organized bans/tiering in competitive Pokémon and determine that it’s all stupid
  • We answer an incredible question about lending games, prison and the devil himself and spend several minutes poorly answering it
  • Rapid news: Volcanion coming October 10th to Gamestop/EB, Pokémon Bank update delayed, Pokemon Showdown was hacked (change your passwords!) & the Pokémon Go Plus is mostly not worth it
  • What if Counter was… good??
  • Fun trivia facts about burrowing owls
  • Fangames are cool, until they’re not
  • “Squizpillion has three questions for us this week!” “Oh god…”
  • WHICH ONE VAPES: We did it first edition


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