Episode 010 – Underflows and Moonsaults


Hey! It’s Elite Full Restore! Yes we still exist, and with our 10th episode we’re officially a real podcast. This is mostly a clearing-house of old questions and a rundown of the last month, to prepare for the little content gulf we can expect in the near future. What, will we actually have to make jokes?

  • Competitive is fun to watch if you recognize the players, who knew??
  • Mega Pidgeot as Billie Joe Armstrong
  • We conclusively prove that the GTS is, still to this day, complete bullhonkey
  • Pokémon Red and Blue are held together with duct tape
  • Starmie’s Alola Vacation
  • Did you know Generation II is really good?
  • WWE moveset analysis
  • Mohn’s thinkin’ bout thos beans….
  • Exclusive breakdown of franchise favourite Tentaquil
  • All weather is bad except Hail


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