#14: Tiny Mouse Boys & The Burger Wars!

#14: Tiny Mouse Boys & The Burger Wars!
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Hosts: Andrew Edge, Sean Barry, Tyler Menk, Will Farr
Premiered: March 14, 2018

Okay, I’m gonna give it to you straight, we recorded this like the day after episode 13, so we were kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel for stuff to show and tell, but that didn’t stop this from being good. Nothing can. So please enjoy listening to Andrew roleplay some creepy DMs, hear about Tyler’s new career as a mentalist, and listen to Sean destroy Will’s morale with his taste in burgers. It’s burgerboy week!

Stuff we discuss: Cuban Trudeau, RAW (not the wrestling!), creepy asterisks, Rainmeter, The Push, and the Best Burger Award.