EPISODE NINETY FIVE: Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil


Folks, Blair went out in the woods again, and he shacked up with a couple of weird but kind hillbillies. Some teens are trying to kill them and save him, or something? I dunno, his reception was kinda bad when he called, so I can’t say for sure. Anyways, honorary lesbian of the show Brooks Oglesby joined us again to grace our ears with his bastard words! This time, for Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil!

In addition to Misunderstandings: The Movie, we also discussed Pacific Rimjob, Avengers Spoilers, Shart Story, Ben Stiller Retrospective, Robert DeNiro’s Milk Fabrications, Whitford V. Kaluuya, and Bastussy.


  • Shadows of a Setting Sun
  • Subsurface Circular

As always, thank you to Satah for our incredible intro/outro music. Check out their stuff at http://gaygothvibes.online!

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