Episode Thirty-Three: It Makes Me Happy… And Sad


Broccoli is alien and there are, unfortunately, no therapists in the Cretaceous Age. This week, we’re talking about poorly-done comet foreshadowing and goodly-done character moments in Megamorphs 2: In The Time Of Dinosaurs. Animorphs, uhhh, finds a way. Thanks. Thank you. In addition to horrifically enormous lizards, and begging for an adult to take care of these children, we discuss: Group Chat Pix, Dinosaurs Fall Out Of My Brain, Wariocats, Byford Basin Diving Incident (Humans Are Just Made Of Meat), Andalites Are Needlessly Dramatic With Their Toys’R’Us, Big Weird Birds, Fambly!!!, Egg Standards, Drink Preferences, I Wanna Party With The Animorphs, ROCK LEE? Rock Lee? We Talkin’ About Rock Lee???, A Pitch For Kapplegate, #brocspons