Episode Forty-Two: In The World Where Mermaids Are Real You Might Have Been Born A Mermaid


This episode got lost in the snowy tundra for three weeks, where it repeatedly almost died of hypothermia before morphing back to its original form and then morphing back to let itself almost die again. Uh-oh! Luckily, it survived. In this very scattered episode, we read Animorphs book 25: The Extreme. The Yeerks of being incredibly tired and giggly have infected all of us and it’s fine, it’s fine, we’re fine.

In addition to spending one of our hours discussing this, we also cover: Finally Sara Is Going To Decapitate Her Co-hosts, We Are All Gamecube, WHO IS THIS DOG?, It’s Always Blair’s Birthday, The Fuck-Off Ship Is What They Call It In Andalite, and Marco Is NOT A Cool Divorce Dad