085 – i’m not crazy i’m just a little unwell i know right now you can’t tell


CW: this episode deals heavily in unreality. its pretty strongly woven into the plot of the episode, and there’s no avoiding it, so maybe skip this one if you’d prefer. additionally, we talk about a suicide related scene from roughly 39:30 to 41:45.

for christmastime we talk about Dave this week, season 2 episode 18. our friend Hurley struggles with mental health, trauma, and eating disorders, and a mean 3rd-baldest man named Dave gives everyone a piece of his mind. Charlie has a funny joke too, and good for him. meanwhile, Bean and James have a family and struggle to find a solution to our gravy problem, and James sharpens his standup comedy skills. it’s a great week for a forbidden pepper, and we’ll hit the bong to that!