091 – the little peanut butter that i dolloped upon your dome


content warning: the flashbacks in this episode deal with domestic abuse, sexual assault, and incest. we keep discussion of this confined from roughly 3:55 to 16:05 if you’d rather skip it.

bad episode this week, folks! it’s Season 1 Episode 13, Hearts and Minds. it’s a Boone episode, the only one! in the present, locke torments boone for incredibly normal reasons. and in the past, well? if you read that content warning and said “Lost can probably handle these subjects tactfully,” i’ve got bad news for you, bub. it’s a quick contender one of the all time worst episodes, but at least Hurley does a funny peepee and throws up. we also run down some stats and think about the road going forward into the canonical final 30 episodes of the show. thanks for listening!