#76: Holey Moley & L.A. Pronunciations!

#76: Holey Moley & L.A. Pronunciations!
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Hosts: Echo Vessel, Sean Barry, Tyler Menk, Will Farr
Premiered: July 8, 2019

Pardon our dust folks! Radish Season 3 is under construction! While we work on our new intro, listen to another exciting installment of the internet’s finest show and tell showcase! This week we got old people yelling at video games and all of us yelling at Sean!

Also, if anybody knows what Toad is or how to kill him (it???) please let us know!!

And please, please, please, #GetSeanOnHoleyMoley

Topics this week: Fort Nights, “Sizzling” by Daphni, Legion Season 3, Holey Moley, Summoning Salt, Always Amazing