Episode Sixty Six: Somehow In My Heart I Knew It Was Going To Be Weed Related


It sucks trying to capture that jaunty episode description tone when the book is just so sad. This book is so sad and so full of trauma and I don’t know how to do any sort of exclamation point about it or anything. We read Animorphs 46: The Deception and then talked about it.

In addition to I DON’T EVEN HAVE A PITHY JOKE FOR THIS SECTION, we discussed: Why Sara’s Brain Is Bigger Than Doctors’, We’re Not A Bong Family, Crossword Twitter, and Animorphs Is So Hard You Guys

Referenced media: This image for some fucking reason, not that i’m editorialising, but maybe i tried to edit out its inclusion but then it got referenced again so i had to put it back in, love my cohosts, would never judge them, wouldn’t dream of it, producing this podcast is a dream & i never think abt breaking into their homes to change their mic setups, a 1999 Toyota Yaris