#123: Mr. HBO Max & RadIsh Jeopardy!

#123: Mr. HBO Max & RadIsh Jeopardy!
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Hosts: Echo Vessel, Sean Barry, Tyler Menk, Will Farr
Premiered: August 13, 2020

In the first half of the episode we’re reviewing some great new films, music, video games, comedy, and whatever Sean brought. In the second half, it’s RadIsh Jeopardy! The RadIsh boys are taking on the classic game with categories based on Tik-Tok, Fast Food Mascots, and other cursed topics!

TOPICS: Fall Guys, Microphones in 2020, An American Pickle, Kyle Kinane’s Trampoline in a Ditch, PUP’s A.M 180 cover, Earthbound

Check out the full RadIsh Jeopardy video at twitch.tv/radishstuff