#1 – Fifty Shades of Blue & Green (Twilight – pt. 1)

#1 – Fifty Shades of Blue & Green (Twilight – pt. 1)
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Hosts: Charlie, Gary DiFiore, Jameson Mohr, Michael Pfohl
Premiered: September 23, 2020

Welcome to the very first episode of Live Free, Twi Hard – a podcast where your overly-supportive friends, Charlie, Jameson, Gary and Michael, walk you through the entirety of the “Twilight’ saga of movies!

In Part 1 of our deep dive into the first Twilight movie, we learn about how special, different and, most importantly, how stinky Bella Swan is! We also discover just how gorgeous and fast Mr. Edward Cullen is!! Wow so fast!!!! Join on us on a trek through the woods we call THE MOVIE CALLED TWILIGHT!

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