#133: The Texas Taintsaw Massacre & Sean’s Séance

#133: The Texas Taintsaw Massacre & Sean’s Séance
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Hosts: Echo Vessel, Sean Barry, Tyler Menk, Will Farr
Premiered: October 29, 2020

This Halloween, RadIsh makes podcasting history as we become the very first show (trust us) to host a séance to channel the spirit of a recently dead host. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that it’s Sean’s spirit we channel, and it’s just as we were just getting to enjoy having a show with his ghostly self, Boo Barry

Before then, though, we provide our weekly show & tell services by talking about some ghoulish games, albums, movies, and VR headsets perfect for your upcoming Halloween celebrations. Be sure to join us the next time we host one of our live Twitch streams at twitch.tv/radishstuff in order to get in on the visual gags! Would you believe we all dressed up for this one??

Topics include: Hades, Half Life: Alyx, Dead Man’s Bones, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Eat your hearts out, Fox sisters!