#3 – Mr. Clean and his Cult of Boys (Twilight: New Moon – pt. 1)

#3 – Mr. Clean and his Cult of Boys (Twilight: New Moon – pt. 1)
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Hosts: Charlie, Gary DiFiore, Jameson Mohr, Michael Pfohl
Premiered: December 4, 2020

What’s that, boy?! You’re saying it’s time for a new episode of your favorite Twilight watch-along podcast, “Live Free, Twi Hard”?! And you can’t stop sniffing the asses of Your Boys?! What a good dog!!
That’s right! Your favorite freakos are back and this time….the moon is New. This, of course, means that on this episode, the gang is taking a look at the first half of Twilight: New Moon. The movie where Bella screams a lot and Edward becomes a simple vape cloud… oh, and Jacob is there too! Is it flick that will make you want to Lesbian Jump for joy? Or scream nonstop for 3 months straight? HAVE A LISTEN TO FIND OUT!!!

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