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#12: Schrödinger’s Alpaca

(Covering Episode 12 of Kid Nation, "Where's Bonanza, Dude?") As our time in Bonanza City draws to a close, the kids start to get a little they cope by killing all the chickens!! Also Taylor is back in full force, Jared has a Brain Blast, Blaine nearly cancels himself, and Sophia conducts an experiment on the concept of private property. Follow us on twitter @KidNationPod for details on the LIVE finale episode.


#11: The Danceman Cometh

Recapping Episode 11 - "I Just Like the Recess Part" It's booklearnin' week in Bonanza City...on day 32. Watch as CBS desperately tries to teach these kids something, anything, as required by child labor laws. Also they kill WAAAAY more chickens. And we find out about Jared's groovy alter-ego. Come join us on twitch as we record these eps live! every Thursday at 8:30 ET or follow us on twitter @KidNationPod!

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#10: Pie-Oneers

Recapping Episode 10 - Let Me Talk! Its Viva La Revolucion...2! For better or worse, the town of Bonanza City decides to subject itself to another election cycle, and the newly elected Town Council wreaks havoc amongst the townspeople. Its also Pie Week everyone, and as Emily says- It's good! Pioneers! Gather up with us live on Thursday nights at 9:30pm EST/6:30pm PST at to help us recap the episodes!

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#9: God Hand Randi

Recapping Episode 9 of Kid Nation, "Not Even Close to Fair" It's chaos in Bonanza City as the journal gives the council a terrible choice to make! Also the kids stare down the Prisoner's Dilemma in the most insane challenge yet. Also Alex finds a giant feather. Be sure to follow us on twitter @KidNationPod for more info about this episode and more #Mallory Measurements!

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Tales from Bonanza: Laurel McGoff

Laurel McGoff joins the KNN boys for a very special deep dive into her time on Kid Nation- fun stories that weren't shown, what the other pioneers were really like on set, behind the scenes secrets, life outside the show, and we finally get to know if Jonathan is REALLY Taylor's dad!! Thanks again to Laurel (who you can find @laurel__mcgoff1 on Twitter and @laurelmcgoff on Instagram) for kickin it with us! Catch our livestreams on Thursdays at 9:30ET/6:30 PT at

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#8: The Reverse Belvedere

Recapping Episode 8 - Starved for Entertainment To help with the boredom, the pioneer jr.'s decide to put on a talent show, just like the real life pioneers used to do in the 1800's! We also dive deep into Savannah's heritage, and watch Markelle Reverese Belvedere himself. Pioneers! Gather up with us live on Thursday nights at 9:30pm EST/6:30pm PST at to help us recap the episodes!

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#7: Egg Sports

Recapping Episode 7 - The Root of All Evil Just as it marks the beginning of the end of all civilizations that attempt to harness its splendor, Capitalism sweeps through Bonanza City pitting pioneers against each other. Also, we see the ghost town through new sets of eyes as we learn exactly why we haven't heard much from Nathan or Divad until now. And its Egg Week folks- if you thought Bean Week was fun, just you wait.

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#6: Pork and Beans

Recapping Episode 6 - Bonanza is Disgusting While the pioneers spent the last episode taking out the figurative trash that is their town council, they've failed to deal with their literal trash problem for too long. Will Taylor and Leila clean up their act and help? Also, the pioneers get thrown to the pigs... Literally- in our favorite JRTSD yet!

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#5: Look Out! It’s Them Pogo Boys!!

Recapping Episode 5 - Viva la Revolucíon It's all led to this. The tyrannical fist of Taylor has oppressed the dreary town of Bonanza City for too long and now our boy Zach has a chance to stop her. But can Zach overcome the odds of Taylor stacking the votes with the only 5 people on Earth who can tolerate her? Can Anjay make it to town council before Olivia breaks his brain? Who is Guylan???

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Radjacent Family Feud!

SURPRISE! In a special bonus episode, let's take a break from the endless pursuit of children in the desert and join our friends from Picking Up Something Good and RadIsh for a Radjacent crossover spectacular: Family Feud! This week, Tyler's your host - it's Team PUSG (Nicky, Meys, Sean) vs. Team KNN (Will, Gary, Michael) in a race to discover the undisputed champion of knowing what a ton of surveyees think! Additional egg commercial by Scottye (good luck on that record!)

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