#127: Sean Barry Memorial & Aliens!

Please wear a black tie as you listen to this episode. Sean was sick with a mysterious, unknown illness during recording and we have the post-mortem details. Press F everyone. But we're also back from Labor Day break ayyyyyy!!!! As we breach into the Fall TV & Oscar Season- we're all reviewing new tv shows, docu-series, and movies! Plus Will resets his anime counter. And we wrap it all up by celebrating #51DaysOfOctober with a deep discussion about alien conspiracies.. And PLEASE email us at radishpod@aol.com we're soo lonely. TOPICS: The Monkey Busters, Unearthed Mummies, I'm Thinking of Ending Things,…


#126: 80’s Week & Civil War Music!

Okay. I'll be honest. I told the guys that it was 80s week. They all showed up dressed like Marty McFly or whatever ready to talk about stuff from the 1980s bc I didn't clarify that it's 1880s week. That's on me. I'm really the only one who sticks to the theme in this episode but I take partial responsibility. I'll do better next time. TOPICS: Old Newspapers, Bill & Ted Face the Music, Remain in Light, Class Action Park, 1880s music, and "Did They Have It?"

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#125: Friend of the Show Evan Brando & The Pitchfork Game!

Sean's hosting again, and he won't stop bringing on guests. This week we've got our good friend Evan Brando (@EvanBrandoShow) on to discuss with us everything from the first look at The Batman to the joys of holding onto our favorite albums from high school that still hold up! Also, Tyler's watching another obstacle course game show, Meys played a nice video game, Will binged an anime, and Sean says a lot of lofty things about an album that just came out, but we promise there is something new to look forward to: Sean presenting his most comprehensible game yet!…

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#124: Planes & Fast Food Free Translator!

Welcome back to RadIsh! This week, we're talking about planes, and... uh, damn. We sure do spend quite a bit of time talking about planes, huh? It's like 10% of this week's runtime. We're really on one. I guess we play Fast Food Free Translator at the end. Lotta plane talk here. Shit. TOPICS: Dennis Quaid adopts Dennis Quaid, Spree, DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition, The Unidentified, Tetris Effect, Fast Food Free Translator

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#123: Mr. HBO Max & RadIsh Jeopardy!

In the first half of the episode we're reviewing some great new films, music, video games, comedy, and whatever Sean brought. In the second half, it's RadIsh Jeopardy! The RadIsh boys are taking on the classic game with categories based on Tik-Tok, Fast Food Mascots, and other cursed topics! TOPICS: Fall Guys, Microphones in 2020, An American Pickle, Kyle Kinane's Trampoline in a Ditch, PUP's A.M 180 cover, Earthbound Check out the full RadIsh Jeopardy video at twitch.tv/radishstuff

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#122: Word of the Show & Good Newsathon!

This week on RadIsh, we've got no gimmicks... except a huge gimmick where we all have a word we can't say. It's a game of deception! We're also running mutiple Good News stories! Come listen and feel great! TOPICS: Fyre Fest merch, Palm Springs, Cannonball, Pee-wee at the drive-in, Imprisoning George, BAT, an abandoned British island, and Cuban Ingenuity.

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#121: Glass Beach & Radish!

For the first time in RadIsh history, we have the creators of a past Show & Tell on as guests! This week we are absolutely ecstatic to welcome William, Jonas, and Layne from the band Glass Beach to discuss all things from vegetables & rats to sports anime & Netflix reality shows! We also get into a very insightful and in-depth interview with the band concerning what they’ve been up to this past year, their thoughts on cultivating such a wholesome online community as theirs, the influence of video games on their music as well as which Super Mario character…

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#120: 2016 Time Capsule & Fanfiction Theatre!

Bad news! We were in a tragic accident and have no new episode.... Good news! We dug deep into the Radish history vault and found an old episode of Indiesaurus (the show that a few of us used to do as we got used to podcasting) and have a perfectly preserved, previously-unreleased, episode featuring all four of us from 2016! Enjoy this blast from the past! TOPICS: Tom DeLonge, Overwatch, South Park Season 20, The Avalanches' "Wildflower", Swiss Army Man, and Fanfiction Theatre.

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#119: HBO Max & Dates with Grimace!

Its another Tyler curated week, fans of Jafar need not listen. There's alot of HBO Max content on this one- almost too much not to be paid by them..... Its also the return of Lit or Not Lit, and we get into an argument with Sean about the Arlington National Cemetery. Musical Guest: Fastball's "The Way" Topics Include: KARMA, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Re: Creators, Adventure Time: Distant Lands - BMO, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Monkeys & a Monkee, the Grimace, Deli Containers, Meys

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#118: Shredded Cheese & World Records!

Go dust out that giant $80 dollar book with the sweet holographic cover, it's time to set a Guinness World Record! Scottye is here to try and break the record for podcast appearances in a year. Tyler loves characters. And we wait almost 20 minutes for cheese! TOPICS: Cheese Wife, LOTR Casting, Ringfit Adventure, Doom Patrol, Craig of the Creek, Ducktales, World Record Trivia

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