#147: Tomato Town & The Muppets!

It's time to start the music, it's time for a victory royale. Topics include: more of The News (We Promise), Nintendo's 2021 Direct, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, the How to Drink youtube channel, and Sean makes his first entry into the RadIsh Hall of Fame! It's something which has been in our DNA all this time! Wakka wakka!


#146: Rainforest Cafe & Monkey!!

mmmmmm monkey. TOPICS: The News (we promise), Asobi Asobase, Framing Britney Spears, Judas and the Black Messiah, and the Induction of Monkey by the coward Tyler Menk

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#145: Pallet Jack & RadIsh Hall of Fame!

Will, Sean, & Tyler are back against popular demand! And RadIsh is flushing the format! Much like our morning constitutionals, the show is a lot looser. Plus we reveal our first inductee to the RadIsh Hall of Fame! Topics Include: Salty Dog Cafe, the Hollyboob Sign, Lady Dimitrescu, Save Yourselves, Wire, Sk8 the Infinity, Resident Evils 4 & 7, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Cooking Chickens by Slappin' Them

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#144: Golden Corral & Looking Forward!

Did you know you can do anything at Golden Corral and they can't stop you? TOPICS: Guitar Pedal Conspiracies, Promising Young Woman, Puyo Puyo Tetris, WandaVision, Sea Shanties, and what WE'RE looking forward to in 2021 the year of Our Lord.

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#143: Gensh N. Cheese & Mind of Son of Mencia!

Dear god what an episode. This week, Cheesewatch comes to its thrilling conclusion (or terrifying new beginning???), Sean and Meys walk out on each others' show & tells, and we try to find out what network television mashups work best in a post-Nick/NFL world, all in under an hour. This is the kind of energy you get when you record on a different day than usual. Whew. TOPICS: End of Cheesevangelion, Clip Studio Paint, Your Honor, Possessor, Detroiters, They Aired What on Where??

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#142: Dolly Parton’s Bathwater & 2021 Called Shots!

New year, same cursed podcast! We recorded this when Bean Dad was still a thing. Remember Bean Dad? Remember when we thought that sucked? We were just boys then.. We're also talking Discovery Zone, the continued downfall of Chuck E. Cheese, and a whole bunch of other stuff! And we wrapped it all up with our "Called Shots of 2021." Share your called shots for the year on our DISCORD for a chance to win some Omaha Steaks! (Legally required to say they aren't a sponsor.. cowards..) Topics: Discovery Zone, Chuck E. Cheese's Twitch Channel, AGDQ, Heaven's Gate: The Cult…

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#141: The 2020 Raddie Awards, Pt. 3!

Happy New Year, here's Part 3 of the 2020 Raddie Awards featuring Podcast God (Godcast??) Scottye Moore! Listen as we go through the cultural moments that saved this year from being totally devoid of joy and give out some special awards including The Sean Barry Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award and the coveted Influencer of the Year. It's NYE so I gotta go get a drink. Enjoy or whatever.

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#140: The 2020 Raddie Awards, Pt. 2!

We're back with Episode 2 of the only awards show you need this Hell year - the Raddies! Our good friend and "2019 RadIsh Influencer of the Year" Colby Higgins joins in to help us recognize our favorite tv series & albums, and relinquish his title before going to "a farm upstate". Catch us on Twitch next time we stream to join in on lobbing insults at Sean in the chat!

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#139: The 2020 Raddie Awards, Pt. 1!

Put on your headphones and sit in silence on your couch, holding back tears, because it's Part 1 of the 2020 Raddies! This aired on Twitch last Monday, but you missed it for some reason, so now we bring to you an abridged, tidy version for you to consume! On this episode we discuss our favorite games and movies of 2020, Sean sings an entire song, and special guest Evan Brando comes on to discuss a story we definitely had to heavily redact. Merry Xmas Eve!

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