#122: Word of the Show & Good Newsathon!

This week on RadIsh, we've got no gimmicks... except a huge gimmick where we all have a word we can't say. It's a game of deception! We're also running mutiple Good News stories! Come listen and feel great! TOPICS: Fyre Fest merch, Palm Springs, Cannonball, Pee-wee at the drive-in, Imprisoning George, BAT, an abandoned British island, and Cuban Ingenuity.


#121: Glass Beach & Radish!

For the first time in RadIsh history, we have the creators of a past Show & Tell on as guests! This week we are absolutely ecstatic to welcome William, Jonas, and Layne from the band Glass Beach to discuss all things from vegetables & rats to sports anime & Netflix reality shows! We also get into a very insightful and in-depth interview with the band concerning what they’ve been up to this past year, their thoughts on cultivating such a wholesome online community as theirs, the influence of video games on their music as well as which Super Mario character…


#120: 2016 Time Capsule & Fanfiction Theatre!

Bad news! We were in a tragic accident and have no new episode.... Good news! We dug deep into the Radish history vault and found an old episode of Indiesaurus (the show that a few of us used to do as we got used to podcasting) and have a perfectly preserved, previously-unreleased, episode featuring all four of us from 2016! Enjoy this blast from the past! TOPICS: Tom DeLonge, Overwatch, South Park Season 20, The Avalanches' "Wildflower", Swiss Army Man, and Fanfiction Theatre.

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#119: HBO Max & Dates with Grimace!

Its another Tyler curated week, fans of Jafar need not listen. There's alot of HBO Max content on this one- almost too much not to be paid by them..... Its also the return of Lit or Not Lit, and we get into an argument with Sean about the Arlington National Cemetery. Musical Guest: Fastball's "The Way" Topics Include: KARMA, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Re: Creators, Adventure Time: Distant Lands - BMO, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Monkeys & a Monkee, the Grimace, Deli Containers, Meys

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#118: Shredded Cheese & World Records!

Go dust out that giant $80 dollar book with the sweet holographic cover, it's time to set a Guinness World Record! Scottye is here to try and break the record for podcast appearances in a year. Tyler loves characters. And we wait almost 20 minutes for cheese! TOPICS: Cheese Wife, LOTR Casting, Ringfit Adventure, Doom Patrol, Craig of the Creek, Ducktales, World Record Trivia

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#117: The Plant Opera & Extremely Accurate Impressions!

Meys has been tasked with a secret and dangerous mission that I can't disclose, so we got Gary from Kid Nation Nation to fill in! Listen as we discuss what plant at what concert we would like to be, Michelin star restaurants, and do some VERY good impressions that WILL get us a cease and desist. Enjoy! TOPICS: Plant Opera, Vespertine, Floor is Lava, Paranoia Agent, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, and Hollywood Squares!

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#116: Stadium Pools & EEE 2020!

We're "live" from the "Electronic Entertainment Expo" in "Los Angeles" this week to bring you all the video game "news" we find fit to "discuss"! First, though, we have to tackle a heated pool debate - or a heated debate about pools, more accurately - and then bring you our weekly Show & Tells! All of which, a part from Tyler's, are weird things from Japan! Surprise! TOPICS: Are Pools Rooms?, Shin Godzilla, The King of Staten Island, Dorohedoro, Wattam, the Playstation Five, and upcoming video games!

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#115: Radjacent Family Feud!

SURPRISE! This week, let's take a break from the endless pursuit of nonsense and join our friends from Picking Up Something Good and Kid Nation Nation for a Radjacent crossover spectacular: Family Feud! This week, Tyler's your host - it's Team PUSG (Nicky, Meys, Sean) vs. Team KNN (Will, Gary, Michael) in a race to discover the undisputed champion of knowing what a ton of surveyees think! Additional egg commercial by Scottye (good luck on that record!)

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#114: Dry Screams & Ghostpuncher C.O.R.P.S.!

Do not adjust your podcatcher, you aren't playing two shows at once, we've got guests! This week we are joined by Amanda and Lilith from the incomparable Ghostpuncher C.O.R.P.S. podcast to talk teleportation, comics, and how to lead a roleplaying game. Listen or I'll scream! TOPICS: Korean Teleportation Magic, HGTV Hecklin', Dry Screams, Uzumaki, Perry Bible Fellowship, Apocalypse World, Future Teenage Cave Artists, Bug Fables, & Ways of Seeing!

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#113: Pan Flute Orchestras & the McDonalds Sprite Bender!

If you could pick an Avatar element to bend other than Gryffindoor, Slytherine, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, which one would you choose? The RadIsh boys are back by poplar demand (you can't make us leaf!) We're talking about 4 different shows/movies from 4 different streaming platforms, and a pan flute orchestra stuck in a German forest- that means its a Sean episode! TOPICS: Ready or Not, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Half Life VR but the AI is Self Aware, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Solar Opposites, Space Force

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