004 – SOLO #1


thank you for listening to this episode <3


in this solo(!) episode, i send a life update into the world. i discuss undergraduate degrees 1 + 2, going from the humanities to the sciences, breaking through negative self-talk re:academics, laurentian’s english department (my favourite professors!), the diet + mental health connection, the necessity of a chemistry background when giving nutritional advice, doing what it takes to achieve my career goals, leaving veganism, getting my genes sequenced, dr. rhonda patrick, youtube workouts, getting super into skincare, taking a social media break, tv shows i love, and MORE!

end track: sibille attar, ‘i dont have to’



thank you all for listening to the podcast. <3 in this episode, isabella, julia and I discuss the conception and nature of their friendship, our experiences at the same schools, art class, the logo matti made for me for FREE!, show posters, thematic vs. sonic intention, making art in sudbury vs. elsewhere, the music scene, DUNES, the bandcamp experience, international reviews, their influences, switching programs, setting up shows, touring, their future creative projects, and more.

002 – LUCAS


thank you all for listening to the podcast. <3 in this episode, lucas and I discuss transitioning into uni life, being a geologist and then not, our experience w the same greek civ prof, my super smart bf, applying for a job by looking through the phone book, the idea of living w a roommate, psychedelics as a catalyst for self-growth, books, research into psilocybin, other podcasters, the possibility of simulating consciousness and proving souls exist, our skepticism, belief vs. truth, his rural upbringing, his novel(!), and more.

001 – MATTI


thank you all for listening to the very first episode of the podcast. <3 in this episode, matti and I discuss our feelings, brand vibes, experiencing a whole new reality for the first time, childhood, social justice, art school, music, graphic design, post-sec, techno-culture, english lit, the art/design dichotomy, not taking criticism personally, and more.