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What the fuck is up, duelists? Welcome to the world’s only Yu-Gi-Oh! podcast officially licensed and sanctioned by KaibaCorp! Accept no substitutes.

Episode 46: Mrs. Eugene Levy


We’ve done it! 40% of this show in the rearview mirror! Friend of the show Argyle Funk joins us once again as we discuss S02E24, “Ben There, Done That”. A bad one. Just a real bad ending to a real bad season. In fact, it was so bad, we accidentally said some Singin’ in the Rain trivia that turned out to be false. Oops! This week, we’re making some very inappropriate peer-to-teen choice behaviors. Goodbye forever, Jimmy!

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Just Say Me: A Radio Play by Botnik Voicebox


Hey, teens! Jordan is still in Japan but we’ve thought of a way to fill the gap he created by funny deleting his “Just Say Me” audio: we’ve fed the script of that Secret Life episode into Botnik Voicebox, an app that takes a text file and creates a predictive text keyboard, and with it we can create a script for a dramatic reading of what you all missed! Sam is joined by friends of the show Stephanie, Matt, and Argyle, and we’re all going to learn about motorcycles. I mean, masturbation.

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Episode 24: Huh! Breasts!


Welcome to season 2! This season really kicks things off with one heck of an episode. Here we are, joined by friend of the show Argyle Funk to talk about S02E01, “The Big One”. Let me tell you, we sure do encounter some big stuff – and I’m not just talking about Betty’s [insert funny name for breasts here]! We also get a three-second Mimsy sighting, a three-times-as-large John sighting, and a three million condoms sighting. I think that’s pretty much everything that happens! This week, the first person to reference JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure dies. It’s been fun, Argyle!

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Episode 10: A Knee to the Face


I’ll never again remark on the length of an episode, because this one is even longer than the last. There’s a LOT to unpack here. Fortunately, we’ve got friend of the show Argyle Funk in to help! It’s our tenthpisodestravaganza, and we’re talking about S01E10, “Back to School Special”! Grace has now firmly cemented herself as most likable character on the show, I guess. Also, Lauren is now the worst friend! Also, we get our first fight scene! Well, more of an execution scene. This week, Amy is going to slut school. Say it.

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