002 – The Boy With The Arab Strap by Belle & Sebastian (0.8, 8.5)


On this episode, David and Matt have our special guest Trevor (of Giants Confirmed and several other music podcasts) to discuss The Boy With The Arab Strap by Belle & Sebastian. It turns out there’s a lot more lore behind this album than meets the eye. Thankfully Trevor knows all about it so that we didn’t have to try as hard. Let Belle sing louder, Sebastian.

003 – Flood (1990)


Why is the world in love again? Because Matt and Trevor are back for an episode of Giants Confirmed that’s more illuminating than a canary-shaped nightlight! This time, the boys sit down to talk about estranged brothers, the capitalist myth of overpopulation, and of course, They Might Be Giants’ third album and major label debut, Flood. Strap on your prosthetic forehead and come on inside!

002 – Lincoln (1988)


Returning for a particularly enlightening second episode of Giants Confirmed, Trevor and Matt book a trip to the Johns’ hometown of Lincoln, Massachussetts for an in-depth review of the band’s 1988 sophomore album — and as one might expect, it’s filled with even more oblique references and confounding trivia than their debut. To paraphrase one of the record’s biggest songs: I don’t want the world, I just want to know what the hell “Purple Toupee” is about!

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