4 – Bright Eyes feat. Steph Knipe of Adult Mom


Episode 4 of the Ask Box features the creator of our lovely theme song, Steph Knipe of Adult Mom! We discuss Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst fandom on 2009 Tumblr, the important emotional differences between Tumblr on desktop & mobile, and use the word “modality” at LEAST twice. #gradschool

Steph: http://twitter.com/adultmomband
Me: (Allegra): http://twitter.com/llegrarosenberg
The Ask Box: http://twitter.com/TheAskBox

3 – Sherlock feat. Jan


In Episode 3 of The Ask Box, I go in deep with one of my earliest Tumblr friends Jan FKA Froghat about what it was like to participate in early Sherlock fandom. She has some great stories about running a Martin Freeman blog during a time of great Cumberbitchery, including that time when Martin himself noticed her blog!

Jan: twitter.com/meetyourmouth
Me: (Allegra): twitter.com/llegrarosenberg
The Ask Box: twitter.com/TheAskBox

1 – Doctor Who feat. Sam Vilkins


Welcome to The Ask Box! Episode One kicks off with a wide-ranging discussion of early Doctor Who fandom on Tumblr featuring my good friend Sam Vilkins, a Science Communication Ph.D candidate at the Australian National University in Canberra (she’s much smarter than me).

Sam: twitter.com/samvilkins
Me (Allegra): twitter.com/llegrarosenberg
The Ask Box: twitter.com/TheAskBox

The Ask Box

The Ask Box is a Tumblr nostalgia podcast. Through conversations with friends new and old, host Allegra Rosenberg tries to get to the bottom of what made Tumblr circa 2010-2012 so special for the people that were a part of it, and so impactful for the culture at large.

Each episode revolves around a different fandom, concept, or event, and features unique perspectives on a community now receding into the rearview of the Internet’s short-term memory. #GPOY #WHATISAIR #MYCREYS

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