BONUS CROSSOVER – This Might Be a Podcast – Episode 73 – Sensurround


We’re doing cross-posting y’all! As the other half of the Giants Confirmed crossover, Trevor and Matt join Greg to talk about the Factory Showroom b-side, written for the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie soundtrack, and things get… nutty. Featuring an appearance by Greg’s baby, and a special twist ending!

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006 – Factory Showroom (1996)


Fresh off the production floor, it’s a brand new episode of Giants Confirmed! This time, we’re joined by TMBG superfan and host of This Might Be a Podcast himself, Greg Simpson. Listen in as Greg treats us to an impromptu singing saw performance, shoots some texts to his good buddy Brian Doherty, and helps us make our way through the Johns’ new-waviest record yet, 1996’s Factory Showroom!