1.23 – Big L for Atreyu

1.23 – Big L for Atreyu
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Hosts: Derek, Isabelle
Premiered: April 21, 2020

Sports fans, Derek knows he fucked up the number of the show in the intro, don’t worry about it. But despite that rocky start, our intrepid hosts navigate between the twin poles of Wild Digressions (conspiracy theories! the recorded output of the Decemberists!) and Hard-Hitting Film Criticism (the lingering effects of propaganda! agreeing in bad faith! the Cable Hall of Fame career of Wolfgang Petersen!). Plus, chapter 2 of the Untitled Isabelle Arf Fan Fiction Project. In short, another classic episode!

This week’s matchups:
Das Boot v. Platoon
The Lives of Others v. The Wages of Fear

See the bracket [SPOILERS AHEAD]
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