Episode 7 – Become Mommy’s Sissy Girl / Mommy Turns You Into A Girl

Episode 7 – Become Mommy’s Sissy Girl / Mommy Turns You Into A Girl
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Hosts: Isabelle, Juan
Premiered: April 25, 2021

Content Warning: Transphobic Language, Incest

Today Isabelle (she/her) and Juan (they/them) break ground on what is sure to become a perennial and productive garden of content: sissy porn. Here, specifically, it’s sissy porn where your mommy talks to the camera about how she’s going to turn you into a girl. Then you suck her dick. If that already sounds problematic, just wait until Isabelle gets going. She can probably just send this podcast to her therapist instead of going to her next appointment.

Editor’s Note: The audio in this one is really rough. Isabelle had an unbearable amount of dry mouth clicky noises, and the second half of Juan’s recording has this background hiss that, to remove, would have made his audio sound like shit. Hopefully it won’t happen again in the future, but we figured better to release it than scrap it.

Libbey Harper’s clip can be purchase at: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/2046100/Become-Mommys-Sissy-Girl/

Icy Winters’ clip can be purchased at: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/1365116/Mommy-Turns-You-Into-A-Girl/


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