S1E10 – Bod Man Dark (Re:Chain of Memories Part 3)

S1E10 – Bod Man Dark (Re:Chain of Memories Part 3)
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Hosts: Drew, Sam
Premiered: December 9, 2022

Darkness darkness darkness, stench stench stench! Rank, dark, putrid darkness! …Oops, sorry, I forgot I’m not in Castle Oblivion anymore and I can use other words besides those! What I was trying to say was that we finished Re:Chain of Memories with Riku’s story this week. Against all odds, this game found a way to say the word “darkness” more often, but don’t let that fool you – Riku’s story is good! Grab some stinky darkness popcorn and brace your ears, because this episode also contains our first official Donald Duck impressions!

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