#78 – FUCK THE DOUBTERS (but oops)

#78 – FUCK THE DOUBTERS (but oops)
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Hosts: Diet Coke, Lilith
Premiered: January 17, 2023

Diet Coke & Lilith are back like they never left (because they didn’t) with Cocoa Puffs Popcorn & Carmel M&M’s.

(we definitely had this episode recorded and edited in time for tuesday but fucked up and forgot to hit publish

Intro voiceover by Jarett Raymond

Music & Sounds used during the intro & Outro:

Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Thunder by lennyboy (freesound.org) Door, Front, Opening, A – InspectorJ (freesound.org) Noise – Juandamb (fresound.org) Walking through Mud – Breviceps Strong wind inside house _ Viento fuerte interior casa – SonoRec (freesound.org) Tape Start – unfa (freesound.org) video_recorder_load_cassette_02 – Magedu (freesound.org) creaky door – m_marek (freesound.org) Door, Front, Closing, A – InspectorJ (freesound.org) Door closing, door closed – steinhyrningur (freesound.org) Door_Heavy_Reverb_Open_Close – LamaMakesMusic (freesound.org) video_recorder_eject_cassette – magedu (freesound.org)

Music used for snack descriptions: Soft Synth Pad Chord Progression 95 bpm – tyballer92 (freesound.org)