1.36 – I Think We Go to Different Libraries

1.36 – I Think We Go to Different Libraries
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Premiered: March 19, 2024

Recorded on 15 September 2023

Well that goofball Derek up and forgot to upload the new episode last week, so can chastise him via your medium of choice. Sorry about that! But here it is, one week late but no worse for wear.

Sports fans, we invite you to take a trip back in time with us, a trip back to the fall of 2023, where your intrepid hosts dusted off their microphones and open-source audio software and recorded an episode of this very podcast for the first time in over two years. This is worth noting because we make a few references that place it in that time span (I think Derek literally refers to “2023” as the present within the opening five minutes). It’s an episode full of hot takes, celebrity investment regrets, and more skimming the plot of the movies we’re covering that usual (we will get better at this, I promise). We also disparage a bunch of sacred cows and fawn over one of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching movies of all time. In short, another classic episode!

This week’s matchups:
Some Like It Hot v. On the Waterfront
Forrest Gump v. Paris, Texas

See the bracket [SPOILERS AHEAD]
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