1.38 – Serial Killer Gachapon

1.38 – Serial Killer Gachapon
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Hosts: Unlisted
Premiered: June 4, 2024

Recorded on 23 February 2024

Derek must’ve angered one or another of the Computer Gods, because part of this episode was garbled beyond recognition. But never fear, sports fans! Thanks to Isabelle’s considerable skills as an editrix, the seams on the episode are nary audible. So you will hear in the highest fidelity our intrepid hosts debate the pros and cons of your dad’s favourite movie, Derek’s favorite character actor joke, and of course, the entirety of Isabelle’s online bullshit fire sale. We also mention in passing two titans of the American arts who have recently passed. In short, another classic episode!

This week’s matchups:
Good Will Hunting v. Dial M for Murder
Saving Private Ryan v. The Terminator

Further reading:
“Everyone Is Beautiful and No One Is Horny” by RS Benedict
“F/X Porn” by David Foster Wallace (via Michael S. Fuchs)

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