Episode 65: Something for the Fellas


Cor blimey, guvnah! Welcome to another episode of Juergen’ It! The bad British accents are out in full force this week, as we are joined once again by Stog to discuss S03E19, “Deeper and Deeper”! We’ve got two new characters, and one of these blokes is a right bloody tosser, inne? And the other one is British! This week, Jordan makes some deep pulls. [sound of me making a funny face]

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Episode 5: Extra Extras


Can’t keep a bad podcast down! We took a week off but we’re back, with a special guest – it’s STOG from The F Plus, who decided he also wants to destroy his brain with this horrible show! This week we’ll be talking about S01E05, “What Have You Done to Me”. The title’s not super relevant to what happens in the episode but it’s certainly relevant to how we were all feeling after watching it. It starts with Meat Magician Ben Boykewich pulling a miraculously unscathed platter of chicken wings out of a comically large picnic basket, and it’s pretty much all downhill from there. Honestly I’m kind of at a loss for things to say about this one. It’s bad. You might want to cancel your next appointment. Thanks, STOG!

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