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BONUS EPISODE – Ontario Hellection (featuring Emma)


Howdy fellow Canadians! If you’re reading this, it’s on or after polling day in Ontario and we’re either in hell or in a different, slightly more left-leaning hell! If you’re American, this episode can help you get acquainted with Canada’s Biggest* Province and some of the hosts (and friends!) within its parliamentary system!

We had a couple of technical issues so we lost hosts over the course of the episode, just like how Doug Ford wants the province to run! HEYOO!!!

Featuring Matt, Linus, Evan, Andi and special guest Emma!

Music used:
The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Shark Tank – Out For A Rip

*by population and self-importance



Well, bad news, Blair became a cop. Worse news, he went to some weird island off the coast of Ireland trying to hunt down some missing girl, and there’s this big effigy of him they’ve made? Weird, weird stuff! Anyways, in his absence, we got friend of the show (and friend at the table) Andi Clare to chat about The Wicker Man! No, not the Cage one, the original.

In addition to The Wicker Man, we also discussed Boss Baby Sweep, Game Fucks, Ass Peyote, Oscar Chatter, Tai Lopez’s Tinder Fun, Indi Go Go!, and Future Bloodborne Podcasts.

Check out Andi on twitter, Friends at the Table, and Emojidrome!


  • Donvan Wolfington’s Waves
  • Bloodborne

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003 – The Hillary Clinton Amiibo


It’s time for Episode 3 of HKIPGTD! It’s a new year, and as always everything is terrible. Trump waves his dick around on Twitter, then uses it to wave away voter fraud. Ontario’s minimum wage hits $14 and Tim Horton’s doin’ Wage ‘Xtortion. Special guest Daniel @tirentu Fournier helps discuss Magic: The Gathering’s very own Pizzagate. The gang recaps Yu-Gi-Oh.

Featuring the return of Luna and Lauren, as well as newcomers Zach, Josh and podcast celebrity Andi!

Music used:

The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme Song