EPISODE 218: Saw V

Strap yourself into your rack trap, listeners, because we've got a doozy for y'all this week! Sawptember continues to lurch forward, and Sara and Morgan (@cursegoat) are lurching along side it as they dive into perfectly coherent and linearly-constructed Saw V! Join them as they discuss Solid Snake, the avengers of sex, flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks, basic utilization of narrative devices, and MORE!! Recommendations: Fumble Dimension Demon Slayer Special Sawptember theme music done by Max Knightley. You can find more of her work at pastelhandgrenade.bandcamp.com. Special Sawptember cover art and editing for this episode done by Blair Kitsch, who can…



Hello, listeners. We want to play a game with you. In your podcatcher you will find one nearly two hour long episode with Sara and Morgan (@cursegoat) back in the saddle again to shlep their confused, exhausted brains through the entirety of Saw IV, where they discuss lizard upkeep, Bonkus of the Klonkus, wax cassette treats, The Homophobic Dick Sucker, and more.................. Can you make linear sense of this plot line? Can you unscramble this horrifying matroishka doll of a movie series? We can't certainly, so, uhhh, good luck and let us know what you find out! RECOMMENDATIONS: OpenRTC2 In…



WEE-WOO WEE-WOO red alert!!! Red alert idiots!!! It's time for freakin' Sawptember!!!!!! Put on your complementary reverse bear trap and join Sara along with Morgan (@cursegoat) for the entire month of September to watch some of the horror movies of all time, the Saw franchise! We start off this hallowed month with Saw III, and, as though trapped in a twisted and devious jigsaw contraption of our very own, spend the next ninety minutes discussing the amazing sport of golf ;), Donny Wahlberg the glizzy GOAT, tickleification, Jigsaw Memorial Children's Hospital, the hog-swallower, and MORE!!!! RECOMMENDATIONS: Dead by Daylight Halloween…

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EPISODE 215: Princess Mononoke

In this final episode before we go deep on Sawptember and Schlocktober, friend Leah (@leah_unofficial) makes her podcasting debut as we talk about Princess Mononoke! We also talk about T4T protagonists, funny little guys with butts, and an exciting new sponsor opportunity! RECOMMENDATIONS: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni We Know the Devil Intro music done by people you meet outside of bars. You can find more of their work at gaygothvibes.online. Episode edited by Sara, who went into the forest four days ago and hasn't been seen since!

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EPISODE 214: The Mummy

This week on Fearbaiting, we take a look at a movie that was daring enough to ask: what if the slasher sucked you dry? Returning guest Val (@flightcubb) is here to talk about Brendan Fraser's turn as Indiana Jones in The Mummy!! We also talk about Rachel Weisz's Y: The Last Man contract rider, putting the pussy in a scarmophogoghs, the Blueverly Hillbillies, and a brand new Pokemon move that's sweeping the meta. RECOMMENDATIONS (that we didn't actually get to in the show but trust us this is what we're recommending) Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni New Pokemon Snap! Intro…

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EPISODE 213: Brotherhood of the Wolf

Wolves! Lions! Cicadas! Beasts of the Mr. and the LA variety! We've got all that and more on this weirdly-formatted episode about a movie that just completely slid off the hosts brains. We had Niamh (@nickelwolf) on to talk about Brotherhood of the Wolf, as we try to decipher what the French were doing in the early 2000s. RECOMMENDATIONS: CUTIEMARKS (And The Things That Bind Us) - Vylet Pony Durarara!! Intro music done by people you meet outside of bars. You can find more of their work at gaygothvibes.online. Episode edited by Sara, who can be found chasing a ball…

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EPISODE 212: Paranorman

Grab your tiny plasticine figurines, everyone, because this week Sara is joined by animator Nick (@nickrvern) to talk about Paranorman, and all the complicated emotions that come along with a film like that. Join us as we largely unpack its technical strengths and storytelling weak spots, as well as discuss gripping topics such as dump truck asses, QAnon dads, ghosts whom are made of farts, and so much more. RECOMMENDATIONS: Alita: Battle Angel (2019) I Think You Should Leave Season 2 Intro music done by people you meet outside of bars. You can find more of their work at gaygothvibes.online.…

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EPISODE 211: Underwater

This week, we bring Helga (@hindsightee) along with us to dive deep under the depths to see what horrors we can find under there... such as our movie this week, the Kristen Stewart vehicle Underwater! Come along with us as we taxonomize paradoxes, contemplate Slenderman, discuss gamer keyboards, and MORE!! RECOMMENDATIONS: Higurashi Hub gears on bikes An Army Like No Other Intro music done by people you meet outside of bars. You can find more of their work at gaygothvibes.online. Editing done by Blair, who you can find scurrying around in your rafters.

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EPISODE 210: Aberration

There's a lizard on the loose, and as such we had to bring in fellow lizard expert Su (@mossappreci8or) for Aberration! Come for the reptile talk, stay for the discussion of the true horror of this movie: having a shitty guy fall in love with you. RECOMMENDATIONS: Oddtaxi Interaction of Color by Josef Albers Chromatic Intro music done by people you meet outside of bars. You can find more of their work at gaygothvibes.online Episode edited by Sara, who is currently asleep beneath a tree on a nice spring day.

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Ooohh, we're a lil naughty, aren't we? Dropping an episode with Ryan (@cursegoat) talking about Saw II three whole months before Sawptember? What a tasty little tease we are!! We've hidden a key behind your eyeball... and if you can dig it out in the next ninety seconds... you get to listen to us riff about Noob Saibot, Woke Freddie, Jigsaw quotes, jokerification, and MORE! RECCOMENDATIONS: Fist of the North Guilty Gear -Strive- ntro music done by people you meet outside of bars. You can find more of their work at peopleyoumeetoutsideofbars.bandcamp.com. Editing done by Blair Kitsch, who you can…

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