03 – Nie Aaah Aagh I’m Dying You Idiot


Hey, we got through a flashback episode without making a funnie time travel joke! Anyway, we’re here to talk about episode 3, “Pursuing Studies.” Wei “Wei “Wi-Fi” Ying” Wuxian unleashes his terrible ideas and insufferable personality on everyone in magic school. Anybody else wondering why peepee hurt?

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02 – Baby Fight


Sorry for disappearing on y’all, but at least it was only for 2 weeks and not 13 years! Today we get to join Wei “Wi-Fi” Wuxian as he does a lot of math, reunites with [FUNNIE ONE PUNCH MAN JOKE THAT FALLON DOESN’T APPRECIATE], and invokes the most powerful figure in death metal to do his work for him. Don’t forget to bring your rich nephew!

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01 – Red and Mad and Sleeveless Online


Welcome to what we can only assume is the internet’s first lesbian-couple-hosted Mo Dao Zu Shi program, Podcasting is Forbidden in the Cloud Recesses! Today we take a look at season 1 episode 1, “Banishing Evil, Part 1!” Come with us as we enter the world of ancient Chinese ghostbusting, meet children of various sizes, and get a look at the first man to ever exist.

Art by roy