003 – Dad Law (Round 1, Part 3)


Onward and upward through the IMDb Top 250 bracket we go! Two reprehensible Hollywood leading men go head to head in the director’s chair, and Michelle continues the great podcasting tradition of Derek’s co-host cursing him out. Which of these movies deserved their Oscars? Which ones didn’t? The answers may shock and confound you!

This week’s matchups:
Braveheart v. Into the Wild
Cinema Paradiso v. Million Dollar Baby

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019 – Let’s Play: Mary-Kate and Ashley Crush Course


Whether your boyfriend is a hopeless romantic or has the emotional range of a rock, this is an episode you’ll love. And if you don’t have a boyfriend, congratulations! You’ll love it too. This week we’re discussing season 2 episode 7: The Chicken Dance. It’s a wedding episode, which makes it a perfect time for Carrie to reflect on her dumpster fire of a relationship with Big. Put on your sluttiest dress and enjoy the episode!

003 – Crack Stuntman is a Real Man


We’re back! Eden and Dave are joined my podcast host and namer extraordinaire Sara from HKIP, Fearbaiting, and The Wonder Yeerks. We discuss the Cheat Commando Cartoons, why real people exist in the H*R universe, and several unrelated tangents.

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Episode 61: The Opposite of a Cartwheel


You there! Stop having sex! It’s time for Juergen’ It, and we’re all getting tested for STIs! It’s the hot new thing in Los Angeles, and everyone is doing it, except nobody is actually doing it! It’s S03E15, “Who Do You Trust”! Brenda, we appreciate that you’re finally talking about sexual health, but we can’t help but question your motives on this. Meanwhile, Jack continues to get cucked and Grant continues to have no personality. It’s… good? This week, we make a joke we should have made a long time ago… and it’s sweet, sweet, sweet victory.

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046 – Have you heard of Mario?


Sam and Sara are drift compatible and piloting a big podcast robot as a two person team this week, and what a week it was. Talking points include: evil internet companies, an impromptu game of movie ball, the wacky president’s new weird thing he said, Jim Acosta – Kung Fu master, Sony steals a thing used for stealing, all covered in a 7 layer bean dip of tangents

Featuring Sam and Sara

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
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EPISODE 122: Halloween (2018)


Now that the season has since past, we’ve gone back and looked at October’s finest creation this year, the 2018 adaptation of Halloween! This is a full spoilercast, obviously, but we also don’t track the plot in its entirety, so if you haven’t seen the movie, your mileage may vary on how much of this episode you’ll understand!

In addition to H40: Just Add Water, your hosts also discussed CRT Mistakes, Kevin Smith Huge Jorts, Half-Point Debacles, Body Genre Bullshit, Human Jack-o-Lanterns, Bottom Driving, and Patreon Namesposting!

The Good Place
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Episode 60: Daisy Duke Nukem


Get your knees a-slappin’, folks, because friend of the show Stephanie from City Girls Make Do is joining us to discuss S03E14, “Rules of Engagement”! I guess the reason last week’s episode was so devoid of plot is because they saved it all for this one! Lots going on here, very little of it good. Two disgraceful teen crimes in this one, and possibly the stupidest thing that has ever happened on the show! (I know, but seriously!) This week, we get our hands on Kathleen Bowman’s famous gnocchi recipe. It’s ggrrant!

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045 – 1 Download = 1 Prayer


The young guns of HKIP are here with a post-midterms episode to talk about all the bad-to-fine results from the recent elections. We also cover the most recent mass shooting to make national headlines, Charlie Kirk’s (alleged) spending habits, RBG’s recent whoopsie, Jeff Sessions, and other news and news based products. Highlights include: the demise of Wisconsin’s resident deli meat abomination, our first ever improv news story, and the several minutes where I just read CNN headlines for a while.

Featuring: CarolineEden, and Patrick

Music used:
The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Renee Elise Goldsberry – Muppet Babies