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S6E6 – No Scare… Care! (KH3 Part 5)

We're back from a short internet-problems break to talk about Monstropolis, a world in which Sora and friends walk forward through a series of hallways! Fortunately, the hallways are occupied by our favorite scary guys from our favorite scary company to keep us scary company. All things considered, it's pretty good, and someone gets comically hucked through a door! Uh oh! This episode starts with Sam talking about a leak in the ceiling, and it turns out that leak might be a much bigger problem than was apparent at the time. If you don't hear from us for a while,…


S9E1: The Jerkerrrrrrr

The next few months of this podcast are going to be challenging for your hosts, as they plunge headfirst in what is widely regarded as the worst Transformers TV show that wasn't on A dreadful dub, deeply annoying characters, hideous animation, and nonsense plotting are conspiring to drive us mad. Will they succeed? Well considering this is only the first episode of Transformers Energon and we're already losing our minds by the end of this podcast, things don't bode well. #NotMyIronhide #TheJerkerrrr Noise Space | Discord


Ep.128 – Sonic Advance

This week, Dan, Morg, and Devon talk about now-month-old news about Sonic the Hedgehog and the other first Sonic game on a Nintendo console, Sonic Advance. THIS WEEK: Sonic Advance NEXT WEEK: Sonic Advance 2 Dan | Morg | Devon Discord


241: Mr. Gorbachev, Burn This Dude Up

Sonic student and queerbait rater Devon returns to talk about the second and third episodes of the Crash Town arc. Kalen wants to die. Yusei doesn't want Kalen to die. The undertaker just wants to haul someone to the mines. Who will win out in this sunset duel? Well, Yusei can never lose, so it's probably not a big surprise. Watching: Episodes 87-88 (S2 E23-24) of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Audrey | Max Edited by Dan Twitter | cohost | Discord | YouTube Support the show on Pastreon! A Noise Space Podcast


240: Old West Card Duel Slave Trade

FINALLY!!! THE DAN ORIGIN STORY!!! STOP those clocks from a-tickin and GET your Duel disks a-slingin' because we're GOin' to Crash town babey!!!! Watching: Episodes 85-86 (CRASH TOWN EPISODE 1 BABEY) of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Audrey | Dan | Max Edited by Sarah Twitter | cohost | Discord | YouTube Support the show on Patreon! A Noise Space Podcast

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Emory, Izzy, and Morg go out for a night on the town. We learn about Morg's OTHER Eidolon campaign, and their character Frankie. Our artwork features portraits by all 4 hosts, as well as Dani Diaz, Velvet Lily, Malus Draco, and Lauri Saunders Discord | Tumblr | Cohost Find the hosts elsewhere: Isidora - Discord only Quatre - TikTok | Tumblr | Instagram Morg - Twitter | Cohost | Sonic Shuffle Emory - FurAffinity | Gon x Will x Hunting and We Rate Queerbait A Noise Space podcast

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S8E14: Goodbye Witwicky

Earthspark has done a lot to impress both of your hosts, listeners. A cast made up of almost entirely new characters with a heavy human focus somehow ended up capturing our hearts. This episode is mostly us gushing about how good the show is, talking about The Undisputed Best Character (Twitch), the great character design, and of course answering some viewer questions. But something lurks on the horizon, something tedious and ugly, to steal away our happy fuzzy feelings. It's Nero's turn to pick, and they have chosen violence. Noise Space | Discord

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S1E5 – …And Also With You – Year Five

Four years ago in the same galaxy… Nicky Flowers and Echo Vessel devised a podcast. …And Also With You is a once-yearly limited event prestige podcast about Star Wars from Noise Space and neo-detritus, covering one minute of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope yearly. In Year Five, we need a drink. Does anyone have a cold one they'd like to pop open? Additionally, we talk about The State of the Whole Fucking Industry™. ░M░Y░P░ U░S░S░ Y░I░ N░B░I░O ░ on Cohost: @AndAlsoWithYou. Slow waltz jizz tunes edit by our very own Nicky Flowers.

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Cup of Greed 2024 Announcement!

The Cup of Greed is a LIGHTHEARTED FUN LEGACY YUGIOH TOURNAMENT we run every year! It will be played with a 5D's Era deck, and you will need a carefully handcrafted DUELSONA to play in the tournament! DATES: Friday the 7th (afternoon) - Sunday the 9th of June (all day Saturday & Sunday) TIMES: we'll pair you up with people in your time zone to make scheduelling easier PLACE: Streamed to the Pod of Greed twitch & hosted on the Pod of Greed discord HOW TO ENTER: Sign up via THIS FORM (also available in our discord server), 16 places…

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S6E5 – Flynn Onceler (KH3 Part 4)

Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Untangled, our Tangled recap recap podcast where we recap a recap of Tangled! All things considered, it's still a pretty fun world despite very literally being "Sora, Donald, and Goofy watch a Disney movie." Even one of the least interesting villains in the series can't drag this one down! Sam | Drew | Twitter | Cohost

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