Episode 87: Nu Teens


Oops! Whoops! Uh oh! Sorry! We were wrong again! The show is bad again! We’re here talking for way too long about S04E14, “Smokin’ Like a Virgin”, and it sucks. This episode doesn’t feel like it was written by a human person, which is weird because Brenda wrote it! Hm! Do you think this means anything? This week, we’re crying with our eyes. Hashtag!

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096 – throw another shrimp on the husband


it’s the Coen Brothers Check-In, but then we watch an episode of Lost like always. how about Season 1, Episode 10, Raised by Another? we learn about Claire’s past with the World’s Worst Man, and then a Slightly Less Worse But Still Bad Psychic. and in the present, Hurley does a funny census, and nobody believes Claire!! meanwhile we wonder about Big Pokemon and discover Ethan’s unfortunate political opinions. it’s an episode, for you? but you gotta listen to it!!

[Unlocked] Circlejuerg 10: Mastursayme


On the Juergen’ It Patreon, we spent February through April this year watching and discussing the famous Just Say Me episode of Secret Life, over and over again. Our plan was to do it weekly until the subscribers voted for us to stop, but our hiatus unfortunately threw a wrench in those plans. However, at long last we have reunited for one last foray into the twisted masturbatory mind of Brenda Hampton, after which we took it upon ourselves to act out the episode from memory. We had so much fun with this one, we decided to put it on the regular podcast feed! If you listen to this episode and are wondering, “huh, that was really great content and I loved it, but what were those weird jokes that I didn’t understand? There was something about Alice being magic, and I didn’t have the context but I still loved it so much?” then consider heading on over to the Patreon and throwing in just a dollar a month to get access to the whole series! Just something to think about!

044 – Good Will Mowing


CW for eating disorder talk from 53:05 to 58:15.

ELEMENTARY SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a warning that you might get spoiled for CBS’ hit tv show Elementary if you listen, so beware. This week on City Girls we’re joined by the wonderful Val flightcub! They’re here to discuss horny Charlotte, Playboy, our favourite kind of soup, and the movies where Keanu Reeves fucks the most. Our episode is season 3 episode 14, Sex and Another City, and we’re still in LA. Listen in because unlike a fake designer bag, we’re even funnier on the inside!

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09 – Xuanwu of Cuddles :)


It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that episode 9, “Same Boat” (Same Boat!) is the Wei Wuxian callout episode. Aside from temporarily cancelling our twink twunk protagonist, we also spend this one discussing Morrissey voiceclaims, the Legend of Total Chaos, and what level of cultivation you have to reach in order to grow nipples. Just kind of a tragic one all around!

Intro: Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You, arr. & perf. by Olivia Lin
Outro: War – Low Rider, arr. & perf. by Caroline

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004 – Apollo 18 (1992)


Giants Confirmed is blasting off again! It’s the end of an era as Trevor and Matt return to seal the cap on They Might Be Giants’ initial run as a duo by discussing their early period’s grand finale, Apollo 18. Join them in taking what might be one giant leap for mankind as they rocket through the record’s 38 tracks — and don’t forget to bring your space suit! Because that’s what this album is about, space!

067 – Wife Medals


From Virginia to Ontario, everything’s fucked up! Roy and Matt tackle this year’s Pride shenanigans, the inherent evil of YouTube, old internet and call out Justin McElroy for being a bit-stealing bastard. Wooloo!

Links: Roy’s Lightbringer mention of HJKL, LoveForVB Fundraiser, Matt’s Lightbringer mention of The Shrieking Shack.

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The Taxpayers – Evil Men

hjkl – ninefour

Episode Fifty-Five: Put Ya Dick in Some Wires


Whew! That was a real tough battle, but Sara managed to get out of Canada alive! Unfortunately, we had to leave Satah behind for a little bit to fend off the oncoming Yeerk horde. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be fine. In the meantime, we took a trip down to not-exactly-Atlantis to take a look at some Beegees, according to Rachel. It’s The Mutation!

In addition to Shorts Season, Johnny Two Brains, Porn Laptop, Mob Psycho Animorphs AU, Double Depression, Closed-System Reproduction, and Everybody Knows Paprika’s Fucked.

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