EPISODE 8: The Caddyshack Classic

EPISODE 8: The Caddyshack Classic
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: September 8, 2017

Luna and Blair can’t tell you who they are. Or where they live. What they can tell you, though, is that Luna was the boss baby. It’s true! Also, we’re here with our first Megamorphs book: The Andalite’s Gift. PLEASE read this book.

In addition to this extremely good book, your anonymous hosts also discussed: Mission Impossible Tropes, Young Idiot Luna, Snake Farts, Blair Gets MEAN, Kapplegate’s Sponsorship Deals, Bi Cousins, Big Jim’s Crazy Taxi, Luna Learns About Straight Women, and Arthur Read the Fascist?

Media discussed this episode: Alternate book cover art

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