EPISODE 15: Is Mr. Six Alive?

EPISODE 15: Is Mr. Six Alive?
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: December 29, 2017

Luna and Blair can’t tell you who they are. Or even where they live. What they can tell you, though, is that Kapplegate inspired a generation of transformation fetishists and was probably definitely horny for transformation herself. Or at least her ghostwriter for this book was. It’s Cassie time, she turns into a horse, and it’s The Unknown!

In addition to alien shitboxes, we also discussed Christmas Talk, Butch Lesbian Cassie, Public Deucing, Transformation Talk, Dyson’s Other Blades, Domain Cultures, and Midwest Morphfest.

Referenced media: Kakyoin Has a Nightmare

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