34 – Literally About A Dog

34 – Literally About A Dog
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Hosts: Linus, Matt, Patrick, Zoey
Premiered: August 17, 2018

CW: discussion of transphobic violence towards children from 20:00-24:33

The Canada Gang + Patrick sit down this week to discuss all sorts of wonderful (read: terrible) things going on in the world, such as: Elon’s Wild Ride, Nazi’s try and fail to organize again, The first major-party transgender gubernatorial candidate in US history, Our funny president doing slurs and eating secrets, Aretha Franklin (Sad), Tom Perez (Mad), and Chris Hardwick (Bad). It’s my first time editing so if anything sounds bad it was an artistic choice.

Featuring Evan, Linus, Matt, and Patrick

Music used:

The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Neil Cicierega – Smooth

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