59: Krangerous Kronald Krumpf

59: Krangerous Kronald Krumpf
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Hosts: Argyle, Dan, Elliott, Luke
Premiered: September 4, 2019

Brrrrrrrrr, it’s cold out here, isn’t it Duellists? Luckilly for us, we’re all penguins, and will stay protected from the cold using our uhh… …special feet?

It’s freeze-play season, and we are engaging in it safely with the help of special guest Luke of the Audio Entropy network! Tune in to hear about how its only acceptable to do capitalism if you’re a Rude Teen(tm), how mokuba fulfills dickensian orphan stereotypes, and about how it’s furries like Adrian Randalph Krump III who really drive the comissions industry forward.

Big shout out to togepi1125

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With Dan, Argyle, Elliott and Special guest Luke!

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