Episode 0 – Introductions

Episode 0 – Introductions
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Hosts: Isabelle, Juan
Premiered: November 13, 2020

Welcome to the first episode of For a Good Time.., the new podcast with all the porn that’s fit to print. In this introductory episode, your hosts Juan (they/them) and Isabelle (she/her) talk about getting caught with porn as teenagers and why they wanted to do a podcast about porn in the first place. If you want the pro strats for how to lie to your dad when he finds trans bondage porn you downloaded from limewire and forgot to delete in the family computer trash bin, we are your number one source.

Also, sorry about Isabelle’s audio. She was using the wrong microphone, because she is a genius. It’s better on the next episode.

The podcast can be followed @foragoodtimepod and you can send any questions or comments to [email protected].

Isabelle can be found at @spacejamfan (her sfw main twitter) and @enionsgirldick (her nsfw personal twitter). Her writing can be found at dimthehouselights.com.

Juan can be found at @woahitsjuanito. Information about their film series is at flamingclassics.com, and their writing can be found at dimthehouselights.com, Miami New Times, Hyperallergic, and more.