Episode 15 – Pokémon Sword and Shield Roundtable Discussion

Episode 15 – Pokémon Sword and Shield Roundtable Discussion
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Hosts: Matt, Max, Stephanie, WeedLord Vegeta
Premiered: November 14, 2019

Hey folks! The dawn of the final hours are before us and Matt sat down with friends of the show Stephanie, Max and WeedLordVegeta to talk about all things positive and negative about Sword and Shield before the game launches proper in North America.

This episode contains spoilers for unrevelealed portions of the Galar Dex and information about the game, such as Gym Leaders, which may be considered spoilers to some so tread at your own risk.

This episode was also fully recorded by a web-hosted recording bot for simplicity, and thus will have occasional blips in the audio.

A link that relates to a topic of discussion is this excellent article by Patricia Hernandez at Polygon about the #GameFreakLies hashtag.

Our show art was made by Golurk and our opening theme music is, as always, the unimpeachable Pokémon Gold/Silver Surf music by Junichi Masuda and Go Ichinose. Closing theme this episode is the Sword and Shield Battle Tower theme penned by Toby Fox.

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