117: Juul Monsters 2: Judgement Day

117: Juul Monsters 2: Judgement Day
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Hosts: Argyle, Elliott, Riley, Sarah
Premiered: December 1, 2020


If you see a man on campus with a large vapour emitting briefcase DO NOT APPROACH HIM

He will try and sell you VAPE PENS and as you know your official KaibaCorp monthly stipend should ONLY be spent on Duel Monsters cards. This man may CLAIM to be the “Juul Monster” but he is in fact the YAMI NO DUELLIST and is a wanted fellon in several countries.

Unfortunately, there are no laws on this island criminalising his presence so all we can really do is put this PSA up.

Signed, Chronos Di Medici (definitely not Sarah McCostumes)

Watching: Episodes 05-06 (S1 E5-6) of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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