Episode 3 – Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic Chapter 4

Episode 3 – Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic Chapter 4
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Hosts: Isabelle, Juan
Premiered: December 18, 2020

Content Warning: Gagging Sounds

In episode 3 of For A Good Time…, Juan (they/them) and Isabelle (she/her) finally throw their minds into the gutter. Your hosts discuss the lesbian gonzo Sasha Grey / Belladonna scene from Fetish Fanatic 4, and talk an awful lot about throatfucking. There’s also talk about the line between performance and reality, the ways in which porn acting is a lot like physical comedy, and what the camera can add stylistically to a genre defined by its ostensible lack of artifice and pretense. But those are secondary to the throatfucking.

(Also there is a too-brief discussion of how porn problematically influences the way people perceive their own sexual lives that will absolutely be expanded on in more depth later.)

Rent or buy Fetish Fanatic 4 here: https://www.evilangelvideo.com/video/1872/belladonna-fetish-fanatic-4


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