1.30 – Bladder Game on Lock

1.30 – Bladder Game on Lock
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Hosts: Derek, Isabelle
Premiered: January 12, 2021

Sports fans, we nominally talk movies about on the show, but you know what else crops up a lot in this, our landmark 30th episode and our first missive of 2021? Racism in Hollywood, and piss. Lots of it. Not necessarily in that order. We go short on some masterpieces and long on what Derek loves to call “rich texts.” There’s even a little metagaming going on. All in all, another classic episode on the road to crowning The Greatest Movie of All Time*.

This week’s matchups:
The Kid v. Gone With the Wind
Diabolique v. The Green Mile

A spot of context for both our matchups today:
Magical Negro | Wikipedia

See the bracket [SPOILERS AHEAD]
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