1.29 – Cashiers du cinéma

1.29 – Cashiers du cinéma
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Hosts: Derek, Isabelle
Premiered: December 29, 2020

Sports fans, you are getting four podcasts for the price of one this week! In addition to the usual movie bracket-based shenanigans, we have a QAnon-skewering politics podcast at the top, a short true-crime missive in the middle, and a full-on miniature games podcast to close the whole thing out. Digressive? Us? Perish the thought. The march towards crowning the Greatest Movie of All Time* continues!

This week’s matchups:
To Kill a Mockingbird v. Gran Torino
Psycho v. La La Land

Isabelle’s favourite murder (Hinterkaifeck murders | Wikipeda)

See the bracket [SPOILERS AHEAD]
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